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 We’ve put everything a voter needs to make an informed choice on candidates & ballot measures at their fingertips. 

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Federal & State Races & Statewide Ballot Measures


Say Yay contains election information for all Federal and Statewide races as well as statewide ballot measures & propositions.

Local Elections & Local Ballot Measures for the Top 100 Cities


Say Yay contains local races and local ballot measures for the top 100 cities by population.  To see if your city is included, check the list of cities from our data partner, Ballotpedia.

Top 100 Cities

Organizations & Their Endorsements


The Say Yay team is working daily to add endorsements of advocacy organizations and newspaper editorial boards to further assist voters in their decision process.  Check Say Yay frequently for updates!

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Say Yay's mission is to strengthen communities by inspiring and empowering each member to maximize their level of civic engagement.


What We Do

We use the latest technology and trusted data sources to put easy-to-use, relevant and understandable civic information in the hands of people so they can make informed decisions.


Who Are Our Partners

  Our data partners produce verifiable, trusted and vetted data sets that are available for anyone to validate independently.  Our technology partners provide the latest in speed, scalability and security.

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