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How are scores calculated?

What's in a number?

Score a layer-down

The number next to a candidate or organization can be positive or negative. If you click on the score, two more numbers pop up.  Those two numbers added together equal the displayed score.

Positive and Negatives



Each of the numbers that make up a candidate score represent where you align positively and negatively with that candidate. Scores are summed from Stances, Political Parties and Endorsements.

Scores on Stances


  • If you and the candidate or org share the same stance = +1. 
  • If you have the exact same sentiment on the stance, it's +2
  • If you selected a different stance, it's -1
  • If you are both "strongly agree" on opposite stances, it's -2.

Scores on Political Party


If you and a candidate are aligned on political party, it's +2.  Candidates of another political party do NOT get a negative score UNLESS you "oppose" = -1 or "strongly oppose" = -2  their political party as an organization.

Scores on Endorsements


In order for an endorsement to come into scoring, you must have an opinion of the organization (endorser).

  • Strongly Support = +2
  • Support = +1
  • Oppose = -1
  • Strongly Oppose = -2

Adding It All Up


Now we just sum all of that together to calculate a score for candidates or organizations that is PERSONAL to you based on your preferences.